2 students building their robots

4th grade students spent four days learning to build a wooden robot. They began by creating drawings of a robot from their imagination. Students learned about all the parts needed to create their robots and used a variety of tools, including one simple machine. Many fine motor skills were essential for this project. They had calculated how many parts would be needed for one robot, and then for the whole class. Students measured length, width, and height of specific 3D parts in both inches and centimeters. They used content vocabulary in their writing to compare and contrast their robots. Questions were asked of them throughout the whole process to ensure that they were using their critical thinking skills. At the end they had watched a video of the machinery used in the preparation of their robot parts. Most importantly, they had FUN and wanted to do more STEAM projects. Students were very appreciative and sent their thanks to Mr. Trabka and Mrs. Trabka's brother for doing the pre-cutting and drilling.