Dear Claremont school community parents and guardians,

This is Michael C. Tempesta, Superintendent of Schools for SAU 6 in Claremont. I am reaching out to you this evening to provide an update and clarification on several points related to the budget that was adopted at the last Claremont School Board meeting regarding a reduction in the operational budget at Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center. The overall reduction and budget impact involved four major elements that significantly brought the overall operational budget of the SRVRTC more in line with other schools and programs in our School District:

1)    Reduction of a vacant nurse position at SRVRTC

2)    Reduction of a part-time guidance counselor position at SRVRTC

3)    Reduction of vacant Accounting position at SRVTC

4)    Reduction of SRVRTC Director position from local budget to half time

The entire Claremont FY23 Budget Summary can be seen online at

I also want to take the opportunity to clarify some of the confusion that has come to our attention from last week’s Claremont School Board Budget Public Hearing Meeting. First and foremost, the Claremont School Board, District Administration, and Budget Sub-Committee are working diligently to ensure that Claremont students have access to as many educational opportunities at Stevens High School and the SRVRTC as possible. To be completely clear, there is absolutely no plan by the school board to eliminate or dissolve the SRVRTC, but rather plans are underway to improve access to The Tech courses by aligning SHS, CMS and SRVRTC schedules so that CMS students access SRVRTC electives beginning in 8th grade (similar to Newport). Additionally, we are working with Newport to review and update the Region 10 agreement, align our PD calendars, bell schedules and increase partnerships with regional businesses. 

We will discuss this as part of our upcoming Claremont School Board meeting next Wednesday, February 2, 2022. The meeting will broadcast in the following ways.

Audio Broadcasted on  CCTV Channel 8 

Citizens without access to CCTV 8 

You can watch channel 8 at any time LIVE here:


Or channel 10 here:


Have a great evening and we hope that you view or attend our meeting on Wednesday!