Posted on 10/09/2018



Call your child’s pediatrician and let them know they have head-lice. Some of the over the counter treatments are not working because the bugs are becoming resistant, so your child’s doctor may want to call in a prescription strength treatment.

Please do not use home remedies (mayonnaise, mouthwash, hair dye, Vaseline, etc) It needs to be a lice treatment from the pharmacy please. There is no evidence that home remedies are effective.

Please make sure you do the treatment according to the directions and comb out with a metal nit comb the night you find out. We need to get rid of the nits (eggs) and bugs as fast as possible. Please keep combing daily after treating until there are no nits (eggs) or live bugs in the hair.

Treating the home is another important step. Wash all bedding, pillows, and coats in hot water and dry in a very hot dryer. Vacuum rugs and furniture. Bag up all stuffed animals for 2 weeks and preferably leave them outside on a porch. Put all combs and brushes in boiling water.

Please remind your child not to share hair accessories, hats, helmets, combs, or brushes at school.

Please treat and comb out all live bugs and eggs ASAP! All should be gone in a day or two, this process should not drag on.

Don’t forget to clean the car seats and vacuum them. This includes child car seats and booster seats. Vacuuming the entire inside of your car will take care of any bugs or eggs that have crawled from the hair onto the seats.

**Please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse with any questions.

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